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Why You Need Regular Dental Checkups

We’ve all done it…we see the impending date on the calendar and instead of confirming the appointment, we push it back.  After all, going to the Dentist for a check up isn’t the most exciting outing.  It is so much easier to have a good intention of going, but really forego the appointment and opt for an ice cream date instead.  While going to see the Dentist can be an intimidating excursion, it is one that should not be overlooked.  According to the Community Dentist Network, everyone should regularly see their Dentist.  Regular meaning once every six month.

Here’s why:

  1. Detection of Oral Cancer
    Nobody likes the though of the ‘c’ word, but the fact is: it happens.  If you don’t go to the Dentist in order to get it detected, you could have oral cancer and not even know about it!  By the time you need to do something about it, it can be too late as it can become life threatening.  The good news is, if detected early, it is easy to treat.   Your Dentist is the one who is going to know the signs and symptoms, so make sure you see him or her for this reason alone.
  2. Cavities, Tartar and Plaque
    The word plaque is about as unpleasant as it gets.  But even more unpleasant?  Having so much tartar that your teeth are eroded and cavities form.  Even if you brush your teeth and floss religiously, you are still at risk for plaque and tartar build up.  Regular Dental cleanings are the only way to prevent this buildup from taking over your teeth and landing you a mouth full of metal.  Not to mention, these checkups are far more affordable than the cost of cavities!
  3. Gum Disease
    Just when you thought there couldn’t be anything else that could go wrong…enter: gum disease.  This is also caused by plaque and tartar buildup, and once it does it can erode the gum tissues.  The tissues then become infected, making the gum pull away from the tooth. This lovely process is also known as gingivitis.  To avoid gingivitis which comes with swelling, bleeding and soreness in the mouth, go to your bi-annual Dental checkup! Please!
  4. Detecting Under-the-Surface Problems with X-Rays
    When you go the Dentist for your checkups, they will most likely give you a full set of x-rays as well.  X-rays of the jawbone and teeth are great to show problems that cannot be detected by the naked eye.  These problems can include: impacted teeth, bone decay, cysts, tumors, and swelling.  Having up to date x-rays are the best way to avoid these problems.
  5. Lymph Node Checks
    Your Dentist, who is highly trained in the area of the mouth/face/head, is also great at detecting any abnormal lymph nodes in those regions. Any abnormalities found here could be a sign of a major health issue.  Without this detection, you will not be referred to the proper doctor, and the problems could exacerbate into something far worse. 

    So, as you can see, getting off your butt and going to the Dentist every 6 months- no matter how much of a nuisance it may feel like in the moment- is far worth your time.  Stay on top of your health, and make sure you attend your next appointment!  Plus, you’ll get a free toothbrush.  Who doesn’t like a free toothbrush?