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How to Utilize Your Blog to Improve SEO Results

Most companies have a blog and understand its importance, yet many companies do not utilize them to their fullest potential.  There are many ways to optimize your blog in order to improve your overall SEO results.  These things require no additional resources, just a little more time.  Here are some easy ways to accomplish this:

    • Use a Compelling Blog Name
      Your blog name should be something a little more creative than ‘blog’.  Ask yourself a series of questions in order to come up with a compelling name:

      • What is my theme?
      • What would be a description that would lure people to it?
      • Can I incorporate SEO keywords into the title of my blog?
      • Who am I trying to reach?
        If you answer these questions and optimize your blog around it, you can generate a good amount of organic traffic.  (Examples: Construction and Wood Building Blog, Apartment and Rental Home blog, DIY Christmas Decor blog, etc.)
    • Try and Reach a Specific Audience with Each Post
      Your blog posts should be specific and informative.  You want your content to be relevant to your audience.  For example, if you are a marketing company, blog about current happenings in the industry.  If you are an SEO company, blog about hot topics in the SEO world.
    • Recycle Content
      By optimizing current content, you don’t always have to put the pressure on yourself to create new content.  Instead, you can review what you already have and find opportunities for more on page SEO.  Examples:
    • Link your posts together
    • Add external links to current posts
    • Add optimized images
    • Make sure targeted keywords appear in current title tags and meta descriptions
    • Not only can this save you time, but it can save you resources too!
    • Add Structured Data Markup
      Your URLS can always be beefed up with schema markup.  You can provide more information about what your website is about, describe the page content, and even improve the way your content appears in SERPs.
    • Social Media Sharing
      It’s all about social media these days.  If you are not capitalizing here, you are truly missing out.  Make sure all of your posts are shared on all of your social media channels.  This keeps your social media sites current, engages your audience, and improves your SEO results.