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Top 4 People Every Entrepreneur Should Follow on Twitter

If you are an entrepreneur and have a small (or large) business, you understand the value of social media and the marketing power behind it.  Chances are you have a Twitter account.  Whether or not you are active on Twitter, we have compiled a list of people that you should follow if you are an entrepreneur.  Perhaps if you weren’t active on Twitter before, these inspirational people will have you Tweeting in no time.

  • Mark Suster
    Mark Suster is a venture capitalist who sold his company to  He is a general partner at GRP Partners and specializes in technology companies that are in their early stages.  He also writes a blog entitled Both Sides of the Table.  This guy has some major business experience and knows what it takes to be successful. 

    Twitter username: msuster 

    Recent Tweet: I wrote a Cryptocurrency primer to lay out a framework to help lay-people think more about the topic without getting confused about the technical details:

  • Anita Campbell
    Anita is the founder and CEO of a blog called Small Business Trends.  It is a great source to find all the information you could ever want on practical business advice and resources.  Anita is a fun person to follow because she has a unique way of pointing out useful information that could easily be looked over.  She publishes interesting material, podcasts, clever comments and book releases.Twitter username: smallbiztrends

    Recent Tweet:10 Ways Workplace by Facebook Can Help Your Small Business   By @robertstarr

  • Seth Godin
    Seth is a great, quirky business mogul who has successfully written multiple books on entrepreneurship and marketing.  He also write’s Seth’s Blog, which focuses on the way business is changing, primarily in the world of social media. Seth tweets often, mainly linking to his own blog posts.  However, his blog is entertaining, astute, and definitely worth your while.  He only follows 1 person, but has over 637K followers!Twitter username: ThisIsSethsBlog

    Recent Tweet: Actual shortcuts often appear to be detours 

  • Caterina Fake
    Caterina is the co-founder of both Flickr and Hunch.  Flickr is a video and image-hosting website.  Hunch, which was a website that made decisions for you based on user interest, was acquired by eBay for a measly $80M. Caterina currently sits on the board of Creative Commons.  She uses her Twitter platform to tweet about her success as an entrepreneur, and also has a blog at  Follow Caterina to glean insight into the life of a female entrepreneur. 

    Twitter username: CaterinaRecent Tweet: Female investors support female entrepreneurs, says recent study. … File under Not Surprised.