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The Keys to Success

Do you ever sit around and daydream about the possibilities you have while here on this earth?  Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself in this place often. You hear incredible stories of people who grew up in less than ideal circumstances and somehow turn themselves into a legacy.  They learn and grow from where they’ve been and become something great.
I guess you have to first define what success means to you.  Many people are perfectly content with being “normal” (interchange this word with whatever word sits with you best).  That is success to them: get married, have kids, have a decent paying job, take a yearly vacation, and save up for retirement.  And that’s great.  I have all of that, and I am so content with it, but sometimes I wonder just how successful I could really be.
Could I invent something and go on Shark Tank and make it big?  Could I create a small business that takes off and sets up my family’s future for life?  Could the creativity that was God-given to me be used to better the lives of others?  With the talents I have, what are all of the opportunities and possibilities?If you ever find yourself in this place of wonder, keep on wondering.  Keep on daydreaming.

Keep on trying to unlock all that you hold within.  Here are some general keys to success for you to ponder:

  1. Dare to Do.
    When you look at people who are (or were) big-time, like Steve Jobs or Beethoven or Ryan Seacrest or Oprah (the list could go on), they all have one thing in common: they dared to do the impossible.  What seemed impossible for Beethoven as he literally could not hear, he took and dared and he did.  What seemed impossible for Steve Jobs he kept going despite those who told him he was crazy and he dared and he did.  Oprah lived in poverty, was abused, and had a less than glamorous life.  But she dared and she did.
    Don’t stop at the impossible.
  2. Be Okay With Failure.
    This is where most people get hung up.  They try something and it doesn’t work out, so they quit.  They have an internal dialogue that goes something like this: “Well, I spent all this money and I worked so hard and it was a total flop.  Everyone is going to think I’m ridiculous and there’s no possible way I could be successful in ____.  It will probably tank just like my last idea.”  Listen, these are all normal, human things to think.  And that’s okay.  But don’t let failure be your limitation.
    Think of a baby.  How many times do babies fall when they learn to walk?  And how many times do they keep getting up and trying again?  Have you ever met a human adult who didn’t know how to walk because he gave up trying as a baby?  NO! That’s absolute insanity.
    Just like a baby falls over and over again, you will probably fail over and over again.  Learn to be okay and rest in your failures.   Don’t quit after you fail.  Instead, make a change, and try it again.
  3. Exercise Your Will.
    The thing with successful people is that their willpower far surpasses that of others.  It is a type of determination and commitment that burns deep within.  The desire to succeed trumps the desire for all other things.  It’s not that successful people are stronger or better than other people, it’s just that their willpower keeps them going day after day.
    In order to accomplish all of these things and be successful, I truly believe it takes having a vision and being relentless in that vision.  After all, what did they always tell us when we were growing up?
    “You can be anything you want to be, as long as you put your mind to it!”
    There’s got to be some truth in that, right?