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How to Show Your Boss You’re Ready to Lead

Perhaps you’re the new guy in the office or maybe you’re the youngest one there.  Maybe you’re a woman amongst a league of males or perhaps you’re the one with the least amount experience.  Regardless of what may set you apart and make you appear not-super-competent in your fellow coworker’s eyes, there are some simple things you can do in order to gain respect quickly and show people that you’re not messing around.  You didn’t come to play, you have a lot to offer, and your boss needs to see that you are ready to lead.  Whether her or she understands that now yet or not, they will have no choice after you prove your worth.

  1. Show Your Positivity to Everyone
    It’s really easy to be upbeat and positive when communicating with your boss.  Of course, you want her to notice your cheerful attitude while working so hard.  You want him to know that you are a positive, go-getter that will get the job done to the best of your abilities and wear a smile the whole time you’re doing it.
    But what about the rest of your colleagues? Do you treat them the same way?  Someone that deserves to be recognized and promoted is someone who is consistent, to every person they deal with.  They do not consider themselves better than others, rather they put others first and carry that positivity the boss receives to everyone else as well.
  2. Encourage Others to be Themselves
    When you have a desire to lead others, it is easy to get swept away into a controlling mindset.  You may think everything needs to be done just-so, exactly the way you would accomplish the same task. However, instead of this mindset, it is better to encourage each person to be himself.  Let her shine in the area she’s good at, and do things the way she likes to do it in order to get done.  In the end, the results are all that matter, not the method in which they were obtained.
  3. Remove Boundaries
    A great leader is also a great problem solver.  Instead of putting new boundaries in place or creating new policies and procedures, look to see how you can remove existing boundaries and streamline processes in a smoother fashion.  The more boundaries that are in place, the more the potential of others will be limited.  In order for everyone to do their very best work, they need to have the freedom to do so.  Help facilitate these things amongst your workplace and show your boss that you aren’t afraid of the challenge.
  4. Appreciate
    A final aspect of a good leader is someone who can truly appreciate the work of those around them, and tell them so.  Everyone wants to make their boss proud, right? How is anyone to know they are doing a great job if they aren’t told?  A great way to demonstrate leadership is to start recognizing the work of those around you. Pay attention to how the work of others plays such an integral part in the organization. Recognition will only inspire greater work to be done.