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Avoid these SEO mindsets to make sure your campaigns are reaching their fullest potential

When you’ve been doing something for awhile, it’s easy to fall into a routine of what you are used to and what comes easiest to you.  However, with this comes the possibility that you are training yourself to think and act in certain ways in your SEO practice that can actually hinder you from achieving your fullest potential.  Even the smartest of SEOs are capable of falling into this trap.  In order to keep your performance up, try to avoid the following mindsets

  1. Narcissistic Content Topics. This happens when companies generate their blog content solely around topics they are interested and proficient in. While some of this information may be great to share, overdoing it is not the way to go.  No one is going to continue coming to your site if you are talking about the same exact topic every single day, especially from a “know it all” perspective.  The most successful companies are those who tailor their content to their readers.  Provide useful solutions to problems.  Research the things that your prospects research and then post about them. This does not mean that you have to stop posting case studies, free trials, and surveys whatsoever.  This will just increase the likelihood that people will be on your site to find them at all.
  2. Overly Worrying About Pleasing Google. Listen, most of the advice Google gives is really great.  But you have to keep in mind it is geared and focused towards their   Every single update and announcement might not necessarily be in your business’ best interest.  Be aware of what’s going on without stressing yourself out about staying on top of every update at the expense of your other work.
  3. Becoming Overwhelmed by Comparing Yourself. A lot of companies make the mistake of always being on the look out for the “next best thing” in SEO practices.  They are constantly scrutinizing the competition, waiting to find out what it is they are doing that makes them so successful.  There’s a good chance they are doing the same thing as you, but doing it better.  There’s also a chance they are using shady practices and putting themselves at a high risk.  You are going to be better off to take your eyes off of others, and focus on yourself.  Look at the things you can control, determine the best strategy, and then work hard and consistently at it.Overall, it is important in your SEO practice to avoid these mindsets in order to have your campaigns reach their fullest potential.  If you have fallen into a rut, you may be keeping your company from performing the way it’s capable of performing.  Keep these things in mind as you go forward.